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DaniKCalifornia Answer:


Who cooks normally?

Definitely Lucy. When Natsu tries to cook, it always ends like this:


How often do they fight?

They argue all of the time for idiotic things like who’s turn is it to take out the garbage or who has to water the plants. They never have serious fights. 

What do they do when they’re away from each other?

Not being together is really hard for them because they’re not only a couple, but also best friends. They always need each other. 

Nicknames for each other?

Sometimes Natsu calls her Luigi just to annoy her and in return Lucy starts using Gray’s nicknames for him. 

Who is more likely to pay for dinner?

LUCY! Natsu never does it. 

Who steals the covers at night?

Natsu. When he does it, Lucy pretends to be very cold so Natsu always pulls her under the covers again and hugs her.

What would they get each other for gifts?

Lucy simply makes him a very nice dinner as a gift because he loves food so much. As for Natsu…


He’s not very romantic but he sure is very funny and just his company is better than any gift.

Who remembers things?


Who cusses more?


What would they do if the other one was hurt?

Natsu will probably beat up the person who hurt Lucy.


And I’m pretty sure Lucy will try to do the same or she’ll just hug him very tightly.

Who kissed who first?

I’m pretty sure that their first kiss will be very funny/idiotic. After kissing her, Natsu will do something like this:


But Natsu will be the one to kiss her first. Definitely!

Who made the first move?

Lucy because she has known for her feelings longer than him. So she always made little hints because she was too shy to actually tell him. In the end, Natsu finally got it.

Who started the relationship?

Natsu. After he finally realized that Lucy is in love with him, one evening he just packed a few things from his house and went to her apartment. When Lucy saw him, she couldn’t understand what was going on but Natsu simply told her: We’re officially dating and I’m moving in here from now on! 


let’s just take a moment to appreciate gray stripping 

ever since he was a child


he’s been taking his clothes off for our pleasure. it has evolved into this


and i don’t think we’re thankful enough for this fact


i mean come on


how much better can it get?



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